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Something that Makes Your Life Harder

I just lied in January in order to people I love would do my request. It worked. They gave what I want. I enjoyed my lie.

Now, it’s April. I can’t focus on my jobs. I think of my mistakes. I can’t sleep well at night. Just because of my January  lie. Not only get a disease like insomnia, but also my life changes.

February, March, and then April, I have to lie for hiding my previous lie.  Sometimes I have to pretend. I was a good person but now is a liar. Those all are really terrible.

Somehow, I always get unpredictable troubles day by day. My life’s gonna be tough. The fact of my hope is beyond expectation. Unusually, my luck is gone. I lost in a business case student competition. I didn’t receive my first salary just because I didn’t know payroll system. My scholarship came late. Those all were about money. In love story, My heart was broke. What a sad life! I lost in love and finance.

Do punish me, God? I am so afraid  if  You is no longer in my side. Oh poor me! Moreover, I’m worried that lovely people shall know my lie. That will hurt them. And maybe they don’t trust me anymore. (—____—)

So, I regret so much. God, save my lie’s secret! Never be uncovered, please!

I promise myself I never lie anymore. I’ve experienced the hard part of falsehood. Never repeat again. Hopefully everything’s gonna be okay even for a liar. PRAY HARD!

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However, there is a moral lesson from my life experience. Something that makes your life harder is LIE. I make a new quote. Maybe it will be useful for ahead.

“When talking honestly is really hard, just remember living in lie will be harder.”



“Jika berbicara dengan jujur terasa sulit, ingatlah bahwa hidup dalam dusta akan menjadi lebi sulit.”



NB : My family and friends, especially my Tante (aunt), I apologize for my stupid lie. I will not make the same mistake. Please forgive me!