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Taman Mangrove Angke Kapuk

On a sunny sunday I went to a mangrove park in the northern Jakarta. I was not alone, but accompanied by Ade Irma. She is my ex-roommate in Sahara Apartment when we’re in Tucson.

The park closes to Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Actually it was my second time for visiting the garden, but I forgot about the route of Central Jakarta-PIK. We needed to ask the direction for several times.

Here is the list of transportation we took.

1. Transjakarta (Rp 3.500,-)

Rawamangun -> Dukuh Atas -> Harmoni -> Grogol (Citraland)

2. Angkot M01 (Rp 4.000,-)

Grogol (Cintraland) -> Pizza Hut Penjaringan/the end of M01’s route

3. Angkot U11 (Rp 3.000)

Pizza Hut – Yayasan Budha Tsuchi

4. Walking to Taman Mangrove (approx. 300 m)

Taman Mangrove is located in the behind of Yayasan Budha Tsuchi.

Our journey took almost 4 hours, from 10 am to 2 pm. Angkot M01 spent a lot time for ngetem and U11 was more terrible. The angkot U-11 was waiting for 12 passengers, while I and Ade were the two first passengers. It was really tiring and unefficient, but we had no choice. We also did mistake in Transjakarta because we missed Halte Grogol and we had to go back by Kopaja. -___-

But, the long journey was paid by the beauty of the park. After taking some picture of the grandiose buildings for Yayasan Budha Suci, we look at the gate of mangrove park. Green and peaceful! We walked to the gate and there are several park’s security officers. I asked the price of admission fee. It costs Rp 10.000,- . I thought it was Rp .8000,- one year ago. We paid the admission. The officer asked me, “Do you bring camera? If a visitor bring a digital/SLR camera, she/he must pay Rp 500.000,-.”

“Oh, We just bring handphones, the nokia and blackberry one, ” I answered and showed my phone. Then we entered the gate. I already knew about this damn rule but I never knew who made it.

Because we had gotten tired, we wanted to take a rest. There was a wooden mosque, near the park gate. We had a lunch, took a prayer, and enjoyed mangrove park. We brought our lunch meal from home because I knew it’s quite difficult to find restaurants in the park.

We had been walking and exploring for 3 hours. We walked on wooden bridges across the forest. I inhaled air deeply. Fresh air! Sometimes we got busy on taking pictures. I also talked to a man who make organic fertilizer from “mangrove trashes”. He showed me the equipments of fertilizer making process. The fertilizer would be distributed to several cities around nation.

We decided to go home at 5 pm. On the way home we saw an Angkot in front of Yayasan Budha. I thought it was U11 until the driver said he wouldn’t going to Pizza Hut Penjaringan. People in the angkot said it was okay to take the angkot by choosing alternative route. So, we took Angkot from Budha Suci to the terminal of Kopaja 72. Afterwards, we were going to Grogol Citraland by Kopaja 72. In Grogol Citraland, we found out Halte of Transjakarta. Tralalala, the one day trip was well-done! I have a great time of Ade.

Of course, we had many pictures! ^__^

The wooden mosque
The wooden mosque
A viewpoint of the Al-Hikmah mosque
A viewpoint of the Al-Hikmah mosque
Ade in action
Ade in action



The inside of the mosque
The inside of the mosque


A bird and a tree
A bird on the tree


Three bungalows
Three bungalows


A landscape with Yayasan Budha Tsuchi Buildings
A landscape with Yayasan Budha Tsuchi Buildings