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Staying Strong

This unpredictable life regularly gives me challenges and problems. There’re moments when I mostly just complained about the bad things. There’re many times when I was busy on counting my tears or being angry on some little unfair things. Sadness could take a coup over my soul easily. I found myself, I just grew weaker and weaker.

Fortunately, this life is also full of inspiration. I’ve seen and heard about many strong people who have faced more difficult problems than me. But they are stronger. Why?

Because they have decided to be strong. Yeah, stay strong.

Of course, my mother is the most influential and nearest inspiration of being strong in my real life. Her strength really has big contribution for my life. She is the one who focuses on finding solutions, instead of seeing difficult problems with tears. Sometimes she cries too, but her heart grows stronger.

Other inspiration is Nadya Hutagalung. She is my favorite Asian public figure and environmentalist. It looks like she has a very perfect life as a model, a VJ MTV, and a woman. But beyond ‘the perfect life’, she has experienced some tough relationships and even violence. I think it is because she decided to be strong, instead of dwelling on the past.

Some years ago I heard a story of a young girl in India. Her life changed after she had rejected a boy. When she was sleeping in her room, the rejected boy and two other boys came and poured acid to the young girl. What an unbelievable attack! She became blind and deaf. Around 70% of her body was burned. Her beautiful face were damaged. She was only 17yo. She suffered a lot mentally and physically. She was desperate and asked for euthanasia. Meanwhile, the boys who attacked her were only jailed for 4 month. I was so angry tho read this unfair story.

The story became much better, after the girl had decided to be strong. She has followed many surgeries with a lot of support from family and society. Her family has sold many things to pay her surgeries. She joined the mega quiz ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’. She wanted to show the world what an acid attack victim went through and looked like in India. She won 45.000 US dollars from the quiz and used it for surgeries. Now she fights for her justices. She can speak about women rights and protection. She can stand bravely against violence. She can do it because she is strong. She decides to be strong. She has really inspired me. I have big respect and love to this beautiful woman. Her name is Sonali Mukherjee.

Especially women, in this age of equality, there are still many women who fight for the rights. In some places of this world, some women just fight for a good, simple and normal life, but it could be so complicated. However, they keep fighting. Their strength keeps improving this world.

Every time I feel sad, powerless, and upset, somehow I can not do anything. When I found this world is painfully unfair, it is so difficult, even just to be strong. I have to look for the strength, the trick I do is by remembering many strong women, such as my mother, Nadya Hutagalung, or Sonali Mukherjee. And it works. Never give up on life ❤


Just April.

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